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Aegis Defenders is a KickStarted Action/RPG platformer.

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Easily accept all major payment methods, including credit cards and bitcoin. Never turn a paying customer away again.


Sell any file, in any format, on any website. Audio, Video, Images, Software, Text, Files - sell them all.


Sit down with a cup of coffee and start selling your files before it gets cold. Easy for you and for your users.


Sell your photo for a nickel, your podcast for a dime, and your song for a quarter. Fun facts: a thousand quarters is $250 and there are over a billion people on the interent.


Sell files from your website to users on any device. Our inline process never redirects the buyer to another page, making you look great.
Customers will wonder, "Are you a wizard?"


Customers get their files and you get paid all in a couple of seconds with just a few clicks.


The Future

Coming Soon


Affiliate Platform

Even if you're not a content creator, you can still make money with FilePub by marketing the files of other users. Search the FilePub marketplace and embed or market files as an affiliate. You will earn a commission on every sale you generate and content creators will love you!


FilePub is creating a community where users can search, collect, organize, and discuss files.


Offer bundle packages and sell multiple files at once with ease.

Pub Central


Built-in management for accounting, tax statements, and other reports.

The Blockchain

Proof of Existence

Built-in proof of existence will aid in the resolution of intellectual property disputes. Content creators will be able to easily prove that they possessed a given file at the time it was uploaded.

Decentralized Storage

Decentralized storage protocols will provide new, low cost alternatives to traditional storage solutions.

Smart Contracts

Smart contract platforms, such as Counterparty and Ethereum, will offer decentralized, programmable file transactions.

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Awarded API Challenge Prize at the Money 20/20 Hackathon 2014.

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